Laundry Basket Organizer

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If you’re a busy person (who isn’t), you don’t have time to waste with the tedious task of sorting through clothes come laundry day. Make washing easier and quicker to do with this basket that allows you to keep your laundry organized and sorted. You can easily separate your dark, light, and colored laundry so when it comes time to wash, you don’t have to do any extra work sifting through clothes.

The bag is super easy to assemble and use, making for a frictionless laundry process. When not in use, the basket can be collapsed and stored in a closet, under a bed, or behind furniture freeing up extra space.

  • Simply place your dirty laundry into the appropriate containers to avoid any hassle come wash time
  • Never miss a laundry day again because you can see when the basket is full
  • Makes doing laundry a breeze