Ultrasonic Toothpick

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The oral stain sometimes called calculus or dental tartar is the bacterial plaque that has hardened on your teeth due to the deposit of minerals on the bacterial plaque.

It can also form on the edge of the gums and below them and can irritate the gingival tissues. Tartar provides the plaque with a more extensive surface to grow on and more sticky to adhere to, leading to more serious conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Remove plaques, tartar & stains

The Ultrasonic Toothpick helps your teeth stain-free, whiter, brighter & healthy!
Just point & clean!

3000 Sonic Vibration per Minute!

You do not need other utensils or water to clean your teeth from the tartar, thanks to the ultrasonic vibrations of the Ultrasonic Toothpick you will have a healthier smile (it does not replace the toothbrush).


Great for adults & children

It is perfect for the whole family, regardless of whether they have braces, crowns, implants or other types of dental treatments.