Fiber RFID Blocking Wallet

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Finding the perfect wallet can be such a struggle. Titanium and aluminum ones are too heavy. Plastic is always an option for trimming down weight, but it certainly isn’t very strong or cool looking. And with slim and minimalist wallets becoming more standard, leather is too bulky and has certainly become a material of the past.

That’s exactly why you need this Carbon Fiber RFID Blocking Wallet! This men’s wallet has been specially built with top-quality functionality and aesthetics in mind. It is a minimalist option that allows you to carry less while still being able to carry all the cards and cash you need. 

This wallet also features built-in RFID blocking technology which helps protect your private information from being stolen by wireless thieves. 


  • High-quality material and RFID blocking technology
  • Able to carry a sufficient number of cards and bills
  • Minimal structure with a money clip, two metal pieces, and screws