3-In-1 Endoscope Phone Camera

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A good endoscope has become a must have tool for plumbers these days. Once an expensive tool used solely in the medical profession, now we have endoscopes compatible with android devices which are easy to use and highly effective.

This 3-in-1 HD Endoscope Phone Camera features a long, flexible wire which houses a tiny camera and is perfect for investigating blockages in pipes or seeing behind obstructions. 

A video image of the scene is shown in real-time on your smart phone screen or special display. This allows you to get an insight into a problem which otherwise would have been hidden from view and remained a mystery.


  • It has 3 types of interface: USB and Micro-USB and TYPE-C
  • Supported operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows smartphone, PC MacBook
  • 6 adjustable LED lights on camera tip greatly helps to acquire smooth video and HD images in dark or low-light conditions