Expandable Garden Hose

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Whether you’re watering the lawn, washing the car, spraying down the patio, or running the sprinkler for your kids, you’re going to need that quality hose to get water where it needs to go. But what you don’t need is the struggle that comes with an old-fashioned rubber garden hose that is heavy to drag across your yard, kinks, and takes forever to coil it up when you’re done.

This expandable garden hose can expand to 3 times its length once the water is turned on. And once you turn off the water, this self-draining device returns to its original length which makes it much easier to store an expanding hose compared to a conventional rubber one. Plus, this hose won’t kink or get tangled like rubber hoses can, saving you time and energy.

  • Anti-burst net is cold resistant to withstand winter weather
  • 3 times expandable length
  • 8 different functions sprayer